Hello, I'm the fellow in the photo on the right, looking a lot older than I was when I started this escapade.  My name is Roger Boughton and I have been recording the sounds of wildlife for over forty years, and trying to take decent photographs for more than fifty.

Throughout that time I have striven to capture “quality” sounds and photos in both the analogue and digital worlds.  Recognising the disciplines necessary to produce a final result that I am proud of, and to let people hear and see the results.  There have been many failures on the way, and more than likely many more to come. Learning from them, and above all enjoying the process of just being there experiencing the natural world in all it's glory.

There is nothing like sitting quietly, secreted behind your favourite bush or rock trying to record the sounds of nature when a fox walks by.  It stops just feet away, slowly turns its head, looks you in the eye, taking in the sight and smell of you.  Is it thinking “so you're here again”.  You sit there, not moving a muscle, it raises its head, sniffs the air one more time, and slowly walks away and just carries on with whatever was in its mind to do before coming across you.

Occasions such as this do not occur often when you are out wildlife recording, but over the years they have happened every now and then, with some wild animal or other. When it happens it connects you to the wild world in a wonderful way. At those times the sound of the wind in the trees and foliage and the natural scents of the earth and flora all around you are creating a memory that will never, ever be forgotten. Your world has become more amazing, more creative, more complete, and just plain fantastic.

With this in mind, I hope, through this website, to open-up your thoughts about the natural world, to take you away from the “humdrum” of work-a-day life.  I hope to persuade you to get involved with what nature has to offer all the time and is wanting to give to you, and to persuade you to utilise that basic human skill of “hunting”; not for food for the stomach, but for food for the mind.  Above all I would like you to get out there and enjoy more fully the world around us.

You will be better for it! Honestly you will, and thank you for visiting.

Roger B 

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